These are the foundational building blocks of Pro Star Management Inc., founded in Cincinnati, Ohio in August, 1986, by Joe Bick, a respected and seasoned veteran in the baseball industry. A family-owned and operated firm, Pro Star has focused exclusively on the needs of professional baseball players since its inception, earning an unblemished reputation and respect in the game among clients, their families, team executives and members of the media.

The select group of players who elect to become Pro Star clients take comfort in knowing their all-important, individual career decisions are based on, and guided by, people dedicated to one goal…helping them to make the right decisions. This comfort comes from assurance that all elements concerning each decision have been thoroughly investigated, researched and discussed before any negotiations take place. Pro Star Management clients also know the Pro Star team is fully committed to their pledge of honesty and integrity, and doing what is the absolute best for each individual. This not only pertains to maximizing client value and success, but also includes upholding the player’s reputation, keeping in mind how he is perceived by his organization, community and fans.

This is the Pro Star philosophy: Be extremely well-prepared. Always be an upstanding individual. Take pride in your work…care about what you do and how it reflects upon you. Provide outstanding, personal service. Always work hard to be the best.

We understand that the Pro Star philosophy and approach to representing athletes is not the only one out there, and it isn’t for everybody. However, if you are an outstanding player who's fully devoted to maximizing your career potential in a first-class manner, then please contact us. It could be the best career decision you make.


In Loving Memory of
Ryan Bick
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Pro Star Management celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2016, and has negotiated well in excess of 500 Major League contracts.

Joe and Brett have a combined 54 years of experience working in professional baseball, with 47 years in the player representation business. They are both Generally Certified Player Agents by the Major League Baseball Players Association.

Joe Bick was selected to the MLBPA Agent Advisory Board in April 2013 to help shape its Agent Regulations.



Pro Star has never faced any reprimand or sanctions by any governing body, including the MLBPA and the NCAA.

The company has never faced a single lawsuit or any other form of litigation from a client, former client, or industry-related professional.

When providing outside resources for our clients (i.e. financial planning, legal work, training assistance, etc.), Pro Star Management does so based on merit, and does not accept any form of “kickback” fees.



As a small firm with a very personal approach, our sole focus is our clients’ well-being and success. Pro Star’s approach has proven to be an effective one for over 29 years, with numerous All-Stars and MVP candidates entrusting us with their careers on a daily basis.

In the past seven years, Pro Star Management has advised four 1st Round Draft picks, and helped our advisees negotiate tens of millions of dollars in Draft bonuses. Additionally, six players from the 2009-2012 draft period have made it to, and remain in, Major League Baseball.

Over the past several years, Pro Star has negotiated hundreds of millions of dollars in Major League contracts.

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