Unique to Pro Star is the fact that both Joe and Brett Bick have experienced baseball at its highest level from “both sides of the fence,” having worked for both teams and agencies. We know how the game works, and how to use those workings to your career advantage. And we have the industry relationships, contacts, and familiarity to open the right doors…the doors that help you play in the Major Leagues.

How We Do It

Good contracts are the result of thorough research and preparation, and proper presentation. Our statistical and contractual analysis and comparison work is meticulously constructed in-house via sophisticated software available only to representatives certified by the Major League Baseball Players Association. Since 2007, Pro Star Management, Inc. has negotiated hundreds of millions of dollars in Major League contracts.

Our negotiating “style” could best be described as low key, professional and tough, not confrontational or controversial. Our job is to solve problems for clients, not create them.

We know what a player is worth, and what steps are needed to obtain that value in what we believe is the right way…behind the scenes, out of the limelight, out of the headlines.

This formula has proven quite successful for more than 29 years, and we are confident that will not change.  The approach leads to contracts commensurate with a player’s abilities, and healthy working relationships with their teams.

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