What We Do

At Pro Star Management, we understand that baseball players should be in a position to concentrate fully on what they do…play the game! We also understand that with a demanding game schedule, non-stop travel, workouts, meetings and all the other obligations that go along with a player’s career, the typical player is faced with many distractions. We assist our clients in making sure those distractions affect their primary objective as little as possible by offering a broad spectrum of services aimed at letting us handle the off-field issues while you concentrate on being the best player you can be. We strive to simplify your life…you go play, and let us make sure the rest is in order. Those services include, but are not limited to:

Contract Negotiations
  • Free agency, MiLB free agency, International
  • Analytical research and portfolio presentation

Draft Advisement
  • Thorough research and preparation
  • Ongoing consultation

Salary Arbitration
  • Analytical research and case-in-chief presentation
  • Case hearing

  • Regional and national endorsement deals
  • Card deals, signings, appearances
Equipment Services
  • Outfitting of all clients (all brands)
  • Product, merchandise, and cash contracts

Financial Management & Planning
  • Outsourced relationships with experienced industry professionals
  • No “kickback” fees accepted

Medical/Training/Nutrition Assistance
  • Relationships with industry specialists across the country
  • Medical second opinions

24-hour availability
  • No secretaries or liaisons for clients…dial us directly
  • We’re always here when you need us
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